BOCA DEL LUPO HAS REPRINTED Plays2Perform@home ! my work, Super is one of heaps. this project – this leadership – is what survivance looks like.

Rise, Red River [W-I-P]

33 The American

32 Baby Girl

31 Super

30 Deer Woman

It’s Always You [W-I-P]


28 It Is So, for Boca del Lupos’ Red Phone Project

27 Honour Beat

Goalkeeper [W-I-P]

26 Buck and a Half

25 collective creation Occupy 2017

24 Reckoning

23 DECLARATION: Repatriation

22 The Ministry of Grace

21 A Soldier’s Tale

Dear Louis Riel [W-I-P]

20 In Spirit

19 They Know Not What They Do

18 free as injuns

17 Beside Herself

16 Jesus Chrysler

15 Foundlings

14 The Mill: The Woods

13 Miss Julie: Sheh’mah

12 Bluebeard’s Wi7e

11 Wintalkers

10 My pleasure: for Red Room

9 Suck and Blow

8 The Fort at York

7 Here, Boy!

Bad As I Am [W-I-P]

6 collective creation at UnSpun Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump

5 Dreary and Izzy

4 Hello, Land! (formerly TransCanada)

Mom’s Birthday [W-I-P]

3 collective creation with Tonto’s Nephews Ever Sick!

2 Thy Neigbour’s Wife

1 collective creation at UnSpun Theatre Wrecked