Bad As I Am – a historical drama set in Toronto the Good
This work is inspired by the true story of a community of outcasts that once lived along the banks of the Don Valley, in the mid 1800s. I began work on this play in 2003 when I read an article in historical magazine The Beaver about the Brooks Bush gang and their murder of politician and newspaper man John Sheridan Hogan. The gang’s twentysomething leader was the Don Jail’s most feared female career criminal, Jane Ward. Developed at the Tarragon playwright’s unit of 2005/6.

Beautiful Liars pub venue musical
The true story of a romantic relationship, archivists and archaeologists, and believing what we want to. A musical slight-of-mind created by the very players who wooed and waned, myself and Dr. Henry Adam Svec.
Supported thus far by an Ontario Arts Council Theatre Creators Reserve recommendation from the Festival Players of Prince Edward County and the Theatre Centre.

Dear Louis Riel – a one-act work for young audiences
Fifteen year old Cy lives in downtown Winnipeg. Mere weeks before Remembrance Day, Cy is in big trouble for vandalizing the cenotaph. With the tough love of his Uncles Door (Isidore) and Trick (Patrick) Cy uncovers some truth in his own history and in that of our country’s. Motivation follows hot on the heels of anger and confusion, bringing Cy closer to the man he will become.
Supported by the Ontario Arts Council Theatre Creators Reserve, recommendation by YPT.

Goal Keeper – based on a true story of two young ones changing the world
Always a step behind him, Diana Campbell tolerates her older brother at best. When he unexpectedly takes a stand, however, they are united in battle. Both in their early teens, Diana and Owen come together against a common enemy – the townspeople who refuse to change the offensive hockey team name because of their own “tradition” of being “Indians.” Two young activists are born. These Métis siblings forge a relationship with the neighbouring reserve, who join the Campbells in a face off with the town, the victor winning the right to rename or retain the “Innisfree Indians.” Developed at the Banff Centre Playwrights Retreat 2017 and Banff Playwrights Colony 2017. Support from the OPIP program at CADA, 2019.

It’s Always You – a political family dramedy
A fractured family uncovers the truth about a missing Matriarch, after DNA collection and testing reveal frightening realities.  With thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts and the Citadel Theatre for writing support.

Jesus Chrysler  
premiered in November 2011 by Praxis Theatre
directed by Michael Wheeler
a one-act play inspired by the relationship of Eugenia Watts to political theatre, sexuality, and acclaimed Canadian poet, Dorothy Livesay.



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