PDFs available for reading, coming soon. Rights to production go through Beagan directly.

The Ministry of Grace, premiered at Belfry Theatre February 2020. Coming anew in spring 2023 through Making Treaty 7, in Mohkinstsis.

free as injuns, premiered at Native Earth Performing Art with Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, March 2012.

Beside Herself debuted as a workshop production through mysterious entity in 2012, in Peterborough.

My Pleasure, for The Room’s project The Red Machine, wherein every playwright was assigned a part of the brain and a few conditions: the protagonist is male and has locked-in syndrome, this presumably because it was Stanton’s great fear at the time.

Here, boy!, premiered at the 28th annual Rhubarb! Festival at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, February 2006.

Thy Neighbour’s Wife, premiered by UnSpun Theatre at Theatre Centre, June 2004.

Alphabetically listed…

Beside Herselfcomedic drama for two women
A two-hander following two couples and two generations through the challenging and often absurd world of mental illness and substance abuse.
This work was commissioned by Peterborough’s mysterious entity and presented as a workshop production directed by Em Glasspool in April of 2012. Design by Jimson Bowler, Kate Story, Rob McInnis, and Martha Cockshutt, movement with Bill James and Ker Wells, Nicky Gibeault SM. See actors, below.

Bluebeard’s Wi7e
a one hour comedic horror shadow play
as commissioned by Caravan Farm Theatre
directed by Kelly McIntosh, as appointed by then AD Estelle Shook

Dreary and Izzy 
a two act drama
premiered in December 2005 by Native Earth Performing Arts
directed by Ruth Madoc-Jones
Now in print through the Playwright’s Canada Press

a thirty minute multi-media performance installation
re-envisioned in October 2010 and produced by imagineNATIVE film and media arts festival
premiered at the inaugural SummerWorks Performance Gallery in 2007
directed by Tara Beagan

free as injuns  
two act drama inspired by O’Neill’s Desire Under the Elms
premiered in March 2012 by Native Earth Performing Arts
directed by Ruth Madoc-Jones

Here, Boy! 
a twenty minute comedy
premiered in February 2006 by halfbreed productions at the Buddies in Bad Times Rhubarb! Festival
directed by Patrick Beagan

Honour Beat

premiered at Theatre Calgary, September 2018, directed by Michelle Thrush.

Miss Julie: Sheh’mah 
a ninety minute one act adaptation of Strindberg’s play
premiered in November 2008 by commissioning company KICK Theatre
directed by Melee Hutton
Available in an anthology, New Canadian Realisms, Playwrights Canada Press

Nice White Lady

an undirected (freely creative) commission by Alan Dilworth AD at Necessary Angel

Ride or Die

a Sunny Drake Productions commission for his Climate Change and Other Small Talk audio series.

Rise, Red River

commissioned by Thomas Morgan Jones AD at Prairie Theatre Exchange.

The American

for Vertigo Mystery Theatre’s radio plays

The Mill: The Woods 
a ninety minute historical drama/horror
premiered in March 2010 by Theatrefront
directed by Sarah Garton Stanley
Now in print, in The Mill Anthology, with a foreward by John Ralston Saul, Playwrights Canada Press

They Know Not What They Do
a thirty minute play for ages 12 and up, written for NEPA’s Made to Order program, a TCDSB commission, though unproduced due to censorship. Ultimately, some public school classes have explored this play.
the journeys of three children – First Nations, Inuit and Métis – through Indian Residential School

a twenty-five minute environmental dramedy for young audiences
premiered in July 2005 by Native Earth Performing Arts
directed by Yvette Nolan

Thy Neighbour’s Wife
a two act historical drama
premiered in June 2004 by UnSpun Theatre
directed by Leah Simone Bowen

Collectives and other Unorthodox creations

  • Red Phone and Plays2Perform@home with Boca Del Lupo
  • text for Signal Theatre’s A Soldier’s Tale, a dancetheatre work helmed by Michael Greyeyes
  • one playwright for The Room’s multi-playwright/director project The Red Room: writer of My Pleasure
  • head writer and co-director of The Fort at York for Crate Productions
  • contributor for Suck and Blow at the Rhubarb! Festival
  • collaborator for 2005 Fringe production of UnSpun Theatre’s Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

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